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Montana Green Party/

Face it, we've been 'buffaloed.'  Our loss of faith in America’s leaders has shaken us to the core. 

 It's time for action.

Montana values

Grassroots Activism

 The most effective way to restore sanity and any sense of trust in government will require that we establish and maintain a powerful, national grassroots movement. 

Ecological Wisdom

 We are part of all that exists (nature). Our job is to protect the perfect oneness of all life and love, respect and honor the source of all life.  Forests are created from this same source. Like forests, neither are we ‘re-sources’ (property) for corporate profit. Water is essential to all lifeforms. Fish and wildlife habitat cannot be valued in money or all will eventually perish.  

Justice For All


We shall petition our government to honor its constitutional commitments to equal treatment under the law.  All Americans must have the opportunity to live life with dignity, free of discrimination by status, class, race, color, creed or any other “divide and conquer” tactic employed by the state, church, corporation or other agents under state control. 



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